Recycle old computers and a donation goes to CCAA

It can be difficult to run a charity optimally while supported by 4 to 5-year old technology (however generously it may have been donated).

Compugen has come up with a very unique concept that would have not-for-profits see greater benefits than through direct technology donations. 

Here is Compugen€™s amazing solution in THREE easy steps:

1. Compugen Finance purchases end-of-life IT assets, from your Corporation, that have been deemed to retain some resale value.
2. Proceeds from those transactions would, rather than to the Corporation, be deposited in the CCAA
3. All assets will be data-wiped (to predetermined standards) and audited at Compugen€™s 8000 square foot, ISO certified facility, and re-sold using CFI€™s remarketing team.

To learn how to participate in this program, contact Robin Stroud:

About Compugen Finance: Founded in 1981 by current President and CEO Harry Zarek, Compugen is one of Canada’s largest privately-owned and operated IT services providers and PC systems integrators. Compugen provides practical, real-world solutions and a comprehensive customer-focused portfolio of support services.  To meet the needs of Canadian organizations for competitive and flexible leasing solutions, Compugen has launched Compugen Finance Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary that offers two services key in the technology lifecycle €” Financing and ReCycleIT Asset Disposition Services.  It is their exceptional IT remarketing capability that allows a wonderful program like this to exist.

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