Funeral for Baby Girl Heathrow

On September 24th, 2014 at Elgin Mills Cemetery, Crematorium and Visitation Centre, CCAA’s Huggum’s Hope Memorial program will hold a funeral service for the remains of discarded Baby Girl Heathrow, who was found in Heathrow Park in Toronto, Ontario in June.

Baby Girl Heathrow was named by the staff at Elgin Mills Cemetery. She is the latest known victim of newborn abandonment in the Greater Toronto Area. CCAA Founder and CEO, Ellen Campbell began the Huggum’s Hope Memorial program to help bring attention to the fact that several newborns are discarded and then found every year in Ontario alone. CCAA is advocating legislative change that would enable a woman in distress to drop her baby off at a hospital without fear of criminal charges. The result will hopefully save the lives of some of Canada’s youngest citizens. See more about CCAA’s work on this particular legislative change HERE.

News story on CBC and National Post.

The upcoming funeral is open to the public. Please join us in honouring our latest found baby. Well-known saxophonist, Matthew James, will be present to offer a musical tribute.

Our many thanks to Elgin Mills Cemetery, Crematorium and Visitation Centre for their incredible ongoing generosity toward this program.

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