Men’s Programs

Martin Kruze Memorial Fund

Martin Kruze was the first male survivor of the Maple Leaf Gardens’ tragedy to step forward and acknowledge the need for awareness around the horrific issue of child abuse. After Martin’s death, in his memory, the CCAA formed an alliance with Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, Shoppers Drug Mart and the Kruze family and founded the Martin Kruze Memorial Fund, which continues to be in operation today. The CCAA managed the trust accounts for the Garden’s survivors until they ran out and continues to manage the therapy for the men.

Unfortunately, there are few services available to men with past abuse issues but CCAA operates Time for Men and the Help & Hope Project. Both are peer support programs offered at no cost to the men and facilitated by a qualified therapist.

In addition, CCAA acts as a referral centre for men, referring them to whatever is out there for them and has been working closely with the Ontario Provincial Police, holding one-day conferences throughout Ontario, directed at front-line police officers, support services and survivors.

How to Apply for Assistance


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