The Delivering Hope Full Circle Program

A Covid Compliant, Textile Recycling and Donation Program

Overview: Abuse Hurts is an organization that supports individuals escaping abuse. In 2020 we serviced 8,000 individuals with 26,000 items – primarily with clothing and small appliances.

The overflow of products we use are sold in our store, raising money to purchase the items our clients need that have not been donated.

In the current Covid climate, a greater number of people are wanting to donate or get rid of unwanted items, increasing the need for more outlets being available to receive the items. This program will provide a convenient way for people to donate or get rid of used/unwanted clothing, blankets, linens and furniture and will help lessen the amount of items ending up in landfills.

Materials that were previously perceived as waste will now be seen as a valuable resource further encouraging redistribution. The items will be recycled in the following ways:

  1. To be given to individuals who are survivors of violence and are transitioning from shelters into new homes
  2. To be sold in our store
  3. To be sold to a textile recycler, which makes for an ongoing source of funding for Abuse Hurts enabling them to provide their services to the thousands of people that require them each year.

Who can participate: All community members.
Why RECYCLE and DONATE: There are various reasons why you should participate in this program. Here are a few…
  • To help Abuse Hurts gather donations to re-donate to individuals escaping abuse
  • To help Abuse Hurts raise funds to support their ongoing programs, through the recycling of used or unwanted textiles
  • To help save the planet! Instead of throwing these unwanted items in the garbage, which end up in landfills, bring them to Abuse Hurts where they will be recycled instead.
When and Where can YOU Recycle and Donate: Monday and Wednesday, every week, between 10am-4pm, 30 minute time slots with only 1 drop off per time slot. If you do not have an appointment, we can not accept your donation.
The Abuse Hurts Warehouse:  1208 Gorham Street, Newmarket, Unit 4 – rear loading dock.
How to participate:
  1. Visit to select your drop off time slot.
  2. Label Bags either: “RE-DONATE” – anything that is in good shape and can be re-donated to individuals escaping abuse.

If possible please use CLEAR PLASTIC BAGS for Re-Donate items.
  • NEW socks and undergarments
  • Like-New clothing (NO HANGERS)
  • Shoes, Boots & Belts are also acceptable – however, please separate into their own bags and label accordingly
  • Like-New housewares/household items including small appliances (ex. coffee makers, toaster ovens, microwaves), dishes, pots, pans, glassware, kitchen utensils, etc.
  • Furniture (In good shape)
**Disclaimer: Abuse Hurts reserves the right to refuse any unacceptable furniture items (damaged or otherwise). Furniture is only used for re-donating and cannot be recycled through this program**
**Disclaimer: Used baby items such as strollers, cribs toys and car seats can NOT be accepted**
OR “RECYCLE” – anything that is stained, ripped or for another reason, unacceptable to re-donate
  • USED socks and undergarments
  • clothing with stains, rips, worn out, etc.
  • old rags, sheets, towels, etc.

Home Pickup
Now available Tuesdays and Fridays for used Clothing and some Household Items

Schedule a Home Pickup here.

Schedule a time to drop off your donation here.

Not sure if your items can be re-donated (or recycled)?
Please feel free to email for approval.
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