WELCOME to the colourful world of Scribble & Grin, a book unlike any other filled with 53 S&G-Spreads-TamingTheBully

hilarious and heartfelt rhymes and illustrations for 21st century children.
CCAA is delighted to have the creative powerhouse behind this book — Mary Giuffre and
Paul L. Clark on board as the most recent addition to our CCAA support team and we look forward to eventually placing a copy of Scribble & Grin every shelter across the nation! If you or your company would like to help make this happen by sponsoring  some books for your local shelters, contact us here!

With decades of experience in the television and advertising industries Mary and Paul dreamed Scribble & Grin: 53 Rhymes for Inspiring Times and published the book through their company, inspirtainment ink, with the intention of harnessing the power of poetry and silliness, to help empower children to talk about their feelings and make sense of their experiences, to boost self-esteem and self-love, and to promote kindness.

“There are some that are thoughtful and some that have puns,
And, you’ll find there are some that are quite overdone!
With these words in your hand,
Your heart will expand,
Full of caring and sharing and FUN!”

Dealing with feelings of shyness? “Why Be Shy” on page 9 is just what you need. Have a child who isn’t happy when she looks in the mirror? You’ll want to read and re-read “Be You” on page 15. Trying to end bullying in your classroom? It’s time to focus your lessons around “Taming The Bully” on page 23. Want to help kids feel comfortable expressing emotions? Start with “A Good Cry” on page 113.

Always empowering, often amusing and sometimes a little ridiculous!


MORE THAN JUST A BOOKScribble & Grin is touted as an invaluable classroom resource by educators across the continent. It has been described as a survival guide for both kids and their caregivers. Filled with inspiration, music, giggles, groans and ‘fodily bunctions’ it has captured the hearts and spirits of students, young children, teachers, and parents. This versatile volume is even used in adult addictions centers to help access the inner child! Accompanying the book is a free online resource, developed by a professional educator, to allow parents and teachers alike to utilize the book beyond its delightful illustrations and hilarious poems. Scribble & Grin: 53 Rhymes for Inspiring Times is available in Hardcover, all eBook Formats & 3 Braille Versions. For inspiring testimonials and to find out more about Scribble & Grin, it’s creators, or to purchase your copy please visit: