The book list in this category was compiled by Natalia Tukhareli, MLIS, PhD, the Founder and Executive Director of the Read to Connect organization. 


Silently Seduced: When Parents Make their Children Partners – Understanding Covert Incest
Adams, Kenneth. Revised and updated edition. Deerfield Beach, Florida: HCI Books, 2011

In this revised and updated 20th anniversary edition of his groundbreaking book, Dr. Kenneth Adams, a leading expert on covert incest, sex addiction, and childhood trauma, offers tools for identifying and healing from covert incestuous relationships that affect adult relationships and lives. He explains how ‘feeling close’ with a parent is not always the source of comfort the phrase suggests, especially when that child is cheated out of a childhood by being a parent’s surrogate partner. Buy from by clicking on Title. 

Courage to Heal: A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

Bass, Ellen and Laura Davis. Harper Paperbacks, 2008.

This book is an inspiring, comprehensive guide that offers hope and a map of the healing journey to every woman who was sexually abused as a child€”and to those who care about her. Weaving together personal experience with professional knowledge, the authors provide clear explanations, practical suggestions, and support throughout the healing process. Readers will feel recognized and encouraged by hundreds of moving first-person stories drawn from interviews and the authors’ extensive work with survivors, both nationally and internationally. Buy from by clicking on title

Secret Survivors: Uncovering Incest and Its Aftereffects in Women

Blume, Sue E.  New York: Ballantine Books, 1988.

Secret Survivors is the first book to expand the definition of incest to include any adult abuser and to focus on what incest does to survivors. E. Sue Blume shows how incest is often at the root of such problems as depression, sexual and eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, and phobias and panic disorders. Using this information and the author’s guidance, survivors can identify themselves, develop alternative, non-destructive survival techniques and begin again on a new path toward a rich and empowered life. Buy from by clicking on title

Daybreak: Meditations for Women Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Brady, Maureen. Center City, MN: Hazelden Publishing, 1991.

These 366 daily affirmations and meditations extend support and wisdom to women who have survived childhood sexual abuse. With understanding, compassion, and strength, the author addresses issues such as intimacy, fear, play, sharing secrets, and anger. She also shares her personal knowledge of sexual abuse to illustrate that we can not only survive, but thrive. Buy from by clicking on title.

When Your Child Has Been Molested: A Parents’ Guide to Healing and Recovery

Brohl, Kathryn and Joyce Potter. Jossey-Bass, 2004.

This is the thoroughly revised and updated edition of the best-selling guide for families of children who have been molested. First published in 1988, this new edition includes current research and information on the nature and effects of molestation on boys and girls, as well as proven techniques for therapy, healing, and recovery. Using everyday language, the authors provide information, comfort, and advice on how to put the pieces back together again after a child has been sexually molested. Buy from by clicking on title

Don’t Tell: The Sexual Abuse of Boys

Dorais, Michel. McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2008.

The book examines the effects of sexual abuse on the emotional and sexual life of men, including their sense of self and their personal relationships. Using first-hand accounts, Dorais shows that certain reactions are specific to male victims as they attempt to preserve their physical integrity and conceptions of masculinity. He provides innovative strategies for both prevention and treatment that will be of use to those who have suffered abuse as well as to their families and all those who are trying to help them – spouses, friends, social workers, and therapists. Buy from by clicking on title

Beyond Betrayal: Taking Charge of Your Life after Boyhood Sexual Abuse

Gartner, Richard. Wiley, 2005.

“With compassion and clarity, Richard Gartner shares insights from years of working with male survivors. Among this book’s greatest strengths is the extensive use of examples from Dr. Gartner’s clinical practice to illustrate problems and solutions on the path to healing. Beyond Betrayal offers support, encouragement, and useful skills to men in recovery” (Mike Lew, M.Ed., author of €œVictims No Longer and Leaping upon the Mountains€). Buy from by clicking on title

Outgrowing the Pain: A Book for and About Adults Abused As Children

Gil, Eliana. Dell Publishing, 1988.

This much-needed book pinpoints the typical problems abused children experience when they become adults. The information is presented in a friendly and thorough manner for victims and professionals. Buy from Amazon.caby clicking on title

I Did Tell, I Did

Harte, Cassie. UK General Books, 2010.

Cassie Harte had a heartbreaking childhood. She was neglected by her mother and abused from an early age by her mother’s lover, who she later discovered to be her biological father. Hooked on prescribed tranquilisers from her teenage years, she battled to break free for most of her adult life, and through two difficult marriages. Today she is a happily married woman, with a loving and supportive husband and three children. She runs her own practice as a counsellor and psychiatrist. Buy from by clicking on title

Abused Boys: The Neglected Victims of Sexual Abuse

Hunter, Mic. New York: Ballantine Books, 1991.

The book explodes the myth that sexual abuse of male children is rare, or that the consequences are less serious than for girls. Hunter examines the physical and emotional impact of abuse on its victims and the factors affecting recovery. With personal case histories of victims and their families, this is a powerfully written and meticulously researched book that is a landmark in the field of child sexual abuse literature. Thirteen firsthand “survival stories” offer inspiration to readers. Buy from by clicking on title.

A Better Yesterday: Living Life After Abuse

Kiser, Rogers D. Deerfield Beach, Florida: HCI Books, 2010.

After years of allowing the lies and abuse he suffered as a child define his past and cloud his future, Roger Dean Kiser decided to find a way to make sense of a childhood replete with verbal, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse before it was too late. In his new book, Kiser revisits his past and makes a conscious choice to focus on the kindness and happiness he experienced throughout his life. Sharing his heartfelt memories of kind people, loving animals, and comforting events, Kiser affirms the benevolence of the human spirit and demonstrates the healing capacity that random acts of compassion can have on a child. Buy from by clicking on title.

Shine the Light: Sexual Abuse and Healing in the Jewish Community

Lev, Rachel. Northeastern Publishing, Inc., 2002.

Rachel Lev, a therapist and incest survivor herself, blends her own experiences with those of other survivors, and reflects upon their personal relationships to the Jewish community, which can either encourage denial or be a place of healing. Shine the Light emphasizes healing, which Lev believes can come about through self-expression, creativity, and, above all, feeling connected, not isolated. The book offers the rare opportunity for the survivors to speak for themselves, through firsthand accounts, poetry, and artwork, beautifully reproduced in colour. Buy from by clicking on title.

Leaping Upon the Mountains: Men Proclaiming Victory over Sexual Child Abuse

Lew, Mike. North Atlantic Books, 2000.

Presenting the first real investigation of what male sexual assault survivors themselves identify as most important during various stages of recovery, Leaping upon the Mountains contains powerfully moving contributions from hundreds of men of all ages and backgrounds throughout the United States and 45 other countries. It is not a work of fiction, but a compilation of many truths, many realities€”a quilt pieced together from men’s experiences€”forming an impressively triumphant pattern. Taken together, they state, lucidly and forcefully, that recovery work produces changes that are real, important, and permanent. Leaping upon the Mountains is a celebration of successful recovery. Buy from by clicking on title.

Victims No Longer (Second Edition) The Classic Guide for Men Recovering from Sexual Child Abuse.

Lew, Mike. Revised ed. Harper Paperbacks, 2004.

The first book written specifically for men, Victims No Longer examines the changing cultural attitudes toward male survivors of incest and other sexual trauma. Now, in this Second Edition, this invaluable resource continues to offer compassionate and practical advice, supported by personal anecdotes and statements of male survivors. Buy from by clicking on title.

Sexual Healing Journey

Maltz, Wendy. Harper Paperbacks, 2001.

Considered a classic in its field, this comprehensive guide will help survivors of sexual abuse improve their relationships and discover the joys of sexual intimacy. Wendy Maltz takes survivors step-by-step through the recovery process using groundbreaking exercises and techniques. Based on the author’s clinical work, interviews, and workshops, this guide is filled with first-person accounts of women and men at every stage of sexual healing. Wendy Maltz is an internationally recognized sex therapist, educator, lecturer, and author of numerous sexual recovery books. Buy from by clicking on title.

When the Piano Stops: A Memoir of Healing from Sexual Abuse

McCall, Catherine. Seal Press, 2009.

Catherine McCall appeared to have all an American girl could want: well-to-do cosmopolitan parents, a private education, a strong faith foundation and even two baby grand pianos at her fingertips. But beneath this perfect facade, her family hid a horrific secret. No one could have guessed there was an actual torture chamber in the basement of 763 Montgomery Place, or that McCall was being raped repeatedly by her father. And by the age of eighteen, she didn’t know either she had repressed every memory of abuse. Twenty years later, married and with children of her own, McCall’s memories began to return. The book is McCall’s revealing memoir detailing the abuse she suffered at the hands of her mentally ill father and her remarkable recovery as an adult. Now a highly successful family therapist, her ability to overcome the dark years of childhood is an inspiration to those who have been sexually abused. Buy from by clicking on title.

I Remember Daddy : The Harrowing True Story of a Daughter Haunted by Memories Too Terrible to Forget.

Matthews, Katie.  UK General Books, 2011.

Katie Matthews suffered an abusive childhood. From an early age, she was both physically and sexually abused by her father and his friends. When, at the age of 24, she gave birth to her son, she struggled with severe post-natal depression and only then truly began to deal with what she had endured as a child. Katie now works with teenagers whose challenging behaviour masks their need for support and understanding. She believes that if she can use her own horrific experiences to make a difference to the life of just one child, all the pain she suffered will have been worthwhile. Buy from by clicking on title.

Overcoming Childhood Sexual Trauma: A Guide to Breaking Through the Wall of Fear for Practitioners and Survivors

Oz, Sheri and Sarah-Jane Ogiers. Routledge, 2006.

Provides a heart-warming, open and honest depiction from the client’s perspective of the experience of traumatization from CSA and the trials and tribulations of recovery. . . The authors provide a clear and realistic description of the difficulties encountered during the therapeutic process for both client and therapist (Anne M. Dietrich, PhD, Registered Psychologist, Vancouver General Hospital Outpatient Psychiatry). Buy from by clicking on title.

No Secrets No Lies: How Black Families Can Heal from Sexual Abuse

Stone, Robin. Broadway; Reprint edition, 2005.

Through compelling personal accounts from everyday people, Robin D. Stone, a sexual abuse survivor herself, illuminates the emotional, psychological and hidden consequences of remaining silent, and provides holistic, practical steps to move toward healing. €œNo Secrets, No Lies courageously breaks the silence about sexual abuse within the black community. Robin Stone makes a major contribution to the well being of black children and families. This important book should be widely read and discussed€ (Alvin F. Poussaint, MD, Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School and Judge Baker Children’s Center) Buy from by clicking on title.

Tell me Why, Mammy: A Little Boy Struggle to Survive A Mother€™s Shameful Secret. UK General Books, 2008. Thomas, David.

The inspirational true story of one man overcoming enormous odds€”including sexual abuse from his alcoholic mother€”to choose his own path in life and become a truly exceptional human being. From the age of four David Thomas was sexually abused by his alcoholic mother and subsequently physically abused by his aged stepfather. David’s shocking and moving story is one of abuse, alcoholism, courage, determination, forgiveness, love, and possibility. David Thomas is an international speaker, author, and is a World Memory Championships medallist 

Buy from by clicking on image.

The Sum of My Parts: A Survivor’s Story of Dissociative Identity Disorder

Trujillo, Olga R. New Harbinger Publications, 2011.

The Sum of My Parts is the story of Ms. Trujillo’s courageous struggle to understand and overcome the psychological aftereffects of her abusive childhood and an inspiring look into the remarkable power of the human brain to protect itself at all costs. After years of relying on a complex network of fragmented memories in order to function and survive, Olga learns to integrate her parts through psychotherapy and begins to see the whole picture of her life for the first time. Today, Olga Trujillo is an attorney, speaker, and advocate for victims of domestic violence and child abuse. This memoir of triumph over the most devastating conditions will enlighten and inspire anyone whose life has been affected by violence, abuse, or trauma. Buy from by clicking on title.

The Obsidian Mirror: Healing From Childhood Sexual Abuse

Wisechild, Louise M. Seal Press, 2003.

Affirming and inspiring, The Obsidian Mirror explores the vivid and personal journey of an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Drawing on the power of creativity, Wisechild listens to and learns from her inner voices the critical judge, the rebel, the scared and needy children of various ages and uses evocative imagery to describe the emotional settings of her interior landscape. This is both a stirring testimony of one woman’s passage from fear and grief to rage and resolve and a moving portrayal of a spiritual reawakening and reclamation of self. Buy from by clicking on title.