Our Team

Liz Pia – Director

Liz brings over 26 years experience working with major insurers and legal teams. She has the ability to consult with Insurance Companies, Employers, HR and Law Firms on file management, risk management, specifically Social Media and Open Source Investigations, and other SIU type cases such as cyber bullying, sexual harassment and human trafficking.

In addition to delivering exceptional expertise to Insurers, Defence Law Firms and Employers, Liz has a passion in Landscape Design and Construction. Focused on building an exceptional brand working with clients in delivering the highest level of service, workmanship and warranty providing the client with their competitive quotes.

Liz is very passionate about her service to others and, as well as being a member of their Board, she is also the Cyber Ambassador for Abuse Hurts.  She has volunteered her time to promote Abuse Hurts since 2016 and is an advocate for anti-human trafficking and anti-bullying.  Recently, she participated in promotion of the “3NoJoke” documentary film with the Abuse Hurts committee.

Jeff Martino – Director

Jeff Martino is the Vice President, Business Development for Martino Contractors Ltd. As a seasoned contributor to the Senior Leadership Team in the family-owned business, Jeff is responsible for achieving the Company’s sales revenue goals by cultivating existing business, identifying new business opportunities, developing and executing sales and marketing plans, and preserving and enhancing brand recognition.

Jeff is an active member of the Building Industry and Land Development (BILD) Association and a Board member. As a graduate from Wilfrid Laurier University in Political Science and Administration, Jeff is a strong believer in giving back to the community and living a healthy lifestyle.

Jessica Williams – Director

Jessica brings strong leadership skills to the table with over 20 years of management experience – 12 of those years in the wealth management field (including Regional Directorship). Having managed large teams, assisted in managing 275+ client relationships, and liaising  with preferred clients in a $250M portfolio, Jessica is a diligent proponent of excellence in all business practices. Ms Williams also carries a wealth of knowledge and experience in marketing and customer service in both for-profit and non-profit sectors. She is a committed volunteer in her private charitable pursuits.

Sheldon Waters, Director

Ellen Campbell, CEO and Founder

A survivor of childhood sexual abuse with a long road to healing, CCAA CEO and Founder, Ellen Campbell, translated her own recovery into hope for others. During her tenure as Executive Director for Starlight Children’s Foundation, where she served for twelve years, she founded the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness (CCAA) and in 1993 held the first National Conference for Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse. That was to be the first of what would be three national conferences for adult survivors and over the following decade CCAA also began designing programs for children.

As CEO and Founder for the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness, the name Ellen Campbell has become synonymous with abuse prevention and recovery in Canada. In recognition of her work and the national influence achieved by CCAA, in December 2006, the Honourable Vic Toews, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada appointed Ms. Campbell to The Minister’s Advisory Committee on Judicial Appointments for Ontario, a position that she continued to hold until 2010. In addition to many awards and acknowledgements Ellen received the Order of Ontario in 2014 for her work with survivors of abuse.

Helena Kameka, President

As a survivor and having volunteered in Ontario correctional facilities for 13+ years, Helena found it very rewarding to give hope to other survivors on a much larger scale when she joined the ranks at Abuse Hurts in 2008. Due to her experience in the for-profit sector, she was the Director of Marketing & Communications at Abuse Hurts before being appointed Vice President in the Fall of 2013 and then became President of the charity in April of 2015.

Helena is also the Editor in Chief of Abuse Hurts eZine – an online publication released once every quarter and offering insightful and informative articles, bringing education and awareness surrounding the cost and impact of abuse to survivors, their families and caregivers, and the general public.