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News and Videos on Bullying from CNN.com

CTV News Video Archives on Sexual Abuse

Parent Sue Mass. School District  for Anit-Semitic Bullying of Son

Tween Magazine Deals with Bullying at Schools

2 Arrests Made in Rehtaeh Parsons Online Bullying Suicide Case

Teenager Hannah Smith Killed Herself Because of Online Bullying

Ask.Fm Bosses Could Reveal Names of Bullies of Hannah Smith

Ask.Fm Lose Advertisers over Hannah Smith’s Suicide Caused by Bullying

How A Digital Button Can Help Social Workers Tackle Cyber Bullying

Nova Scotia to Review Parsons Case

Psychology’s Answer to Trolling and Online Abuse

Cyber Bullying 87% Rise in Kids Seeking Help About Online Bullying in UK

14yr Old Italian Teen Commits Suicide After Gay Bullying

UK Dentist Commits Suicide After Bosses Threatened Him Over His Paperwork

Premiers Urge Cyber- Bullying To Be Included in Criminal Code

Teen Suicide Because of Cyber Bullying

Bullies Broke Victims Leg

Calgary MLA In Charge of Combating Online Bullying, Violence Against Women

Former Bullied Gay Jail Guard Awarded 98 Thousand 

Mom, Son Rebuilding Lives After Cyber Bullying Case

Edmonton Singer Goes Back to School where she was Bullied to Fight Bullying

Amy Poehler Offers Anti Bullying Advise

Man Stands up for Elderly Men Being Bulllied By 2 Teens

Kingston Couple Shocked by Homophopic Slurs and Threats

WomanBasketball Player Opens Up About Being Bullied

Bullying Leads 17 yr old to Take Own Life

Bullied as a Boy, Now He Teaches Students Not To Bully

School Board Denies Negligence in Bullying Lawsuit

Stand up to online bullying and racism against Aboriginal peoples

Nationwide Movement in U.S. to Address Cyber-Bullying

Bullying to Take Spotlight At Comic-Con

Another Suicide due to Bullying

Review of Rehtaeh Parsons case could lead to new anti-bullying guidelines (May 2013)

Oscar-Nominee Hailee Steinfeld Was Bullied, “Pulled Out” of Middle School (May 2013  E! Online)

Revisiting ‘Star Wars Kid’: Story inspires debate on cyberbullying (MacLean’s May 2013)

Youth don’t want to be bystanders to bullying (April 2013, Brampton Guardian)

Rehtaeh Parsons case: Anti-bullying panel outlines scope of its review (thestar.com May 2013)

Teen victim of bullying removed from school (CBC April 2013)

8 Ontario Girls Arrested in High School Bullying Case (Oct 2012)

Bullies Force 5-Year-Old Off School Bus (May 2010)