Workshops and Conferences

Abuse Hurts cooperates with police departments and other service agencies to offer educational workshops and forums covering all areas of abuse, such as domestic, childhood abuse survivors, prevention, bullying, and professional development.

Resources and Referrals

Abuse Hurts has an extensive resource database that allows us to provide a comprehensive referral service to survivors who telephone Abuse Hurts looking for specific areas of expertise. We maintain our resources by ensuring information is up-to-date at all times and continuously searching and looking at adding new information sources that have been followed through on to ensure validity.


Abuse Hurts supports over 100 agencies and thousands of individuals nationwide. Shelters, Childrens’ Aid Society, police departments and other victim service agencies do not always have the funds, or the time to raise the funds, to renovate their facilities to make them victim friendly. Each year, Abuse Hurts chooses one outside agency building project to fund in this way through our DreamBuilds program.
Our corporate partners not only financially support these DreamBuilds, but also get right into the building process as fully committed hammer-and-nail wielding construction volunteers.

Examples of DreamBuild Projects:

  • Toronto Police Services Building-Sex Crimes Unit (interview room)
  • North York Women’s Shelter
  • Yellow Brick House
  • Durham Youth Housing & Support Services
  • Teen Challenge Rehabilitation Facility for Women
  • Six Nations Centre for Excellence
  • King’s Way Community Outreach Centre